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"People always tell you, ‘Be humble. Be humble.’ When was the last time someone told you to be amazing? Be great! Be great! Be awesome! Be awesome!"

— Kanye West, American Mozart   (via frickinkawaii)

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Are you still smoking those? Try Camel.

Not that I’m advertising some new tar
that removes death’s difficult stains
nor that I still believe in the different
taste of the untried, in its new strength.
Every kiss exchanged between the old sensual
habit and each new gigolo smoke
is quick-burning.
A slower blend of love has not been found.

Camel because
however well you’ve managed till now
alone on foot to advance the wilderness
following of all its myriad paths
the difficult one that brings you to the exclusion
of all travel companions

now as you see the climate has rebelled
the sand rose up became a storm
the cargo of time you bear became harsher
lead drenched as it was by the rain of fast numbers.

You wish the ozone were to blame, that the soul’s
black hole had grown overly big
you wish your sterilising of dreams had failed
so they wouldn’t bear any others
now you’re wrestling, groaning, shrieking
just as a dream shrieks that despite the sterilisation
bears for you the dream of a companion.

Accept then humiliation’s admonitions
and climb on the camel’s hump opportunity
offered you by that passing nicotine fellah.

Climb up, admit it
partner fears have entered your self-sufficiency
(just the other day you were seen with company
in sunstroke’s mirror).

Let’s not fool ourselves my likeness.
Only the futile is self-sufficient.


— Kiki Dimoula, from Cartoon (via violentwavesofemotion)

"They stay in my mind, these beautiful people,
or anyway beautiful people to me, of which
there are so many. You, and you, and you,
whom I had the fortune to meet, or maybe
missed. Love, love, love, it was the
core of my life, from which, of course, comes
the word for the heart. And, oh, have I mentioned
that some of them were men and some were women
and some — now carry my revelation with you —
were trees. Or places. Or music flying above
the names of their makers. Or clouds, or the sun
which was the first, and the best, the most
loyal for certain, who looked so faithfully into
my eyes, every morning. So I imagine
such love of the world — its fervency, its shining, its
innocence and hunger to give of itself — I imagine
this is how it began."

— Mary Oliver, from New And Selected Poems (via violentwavesofemotion)


Powerful & creative imagery

the food and education made me sad.

I have always been fascinated by these ‘world of 100 people’ things, I remember spending hours thinking through the ones on a poster at church when I was 9 or so. It really, really makes some really important stuff so blindingly clear, in numbers we can understand. And it should, I hope it does, inspire us to act. 

Amazing post.

i hope im one of the 7 people with a computer

It’s sad that more people would have a computer that an education

well, hold up. that’s college education, not public education or trade school. but even then, it’d probably only be in the 20s or 30s. 

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"She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something."

— Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell (via joeygattos)

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"It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer."

E.B. White

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I stared at the back of her head waiting for what she would say.
Her answer would clear this up.

But she just laughed a strange laugh with ropes all over it.


Anne Carson, from The Glass Essay (via violentwavesofemotion)


If good is the all-enduring
that carries you
to the future,

evil is the present’s
animal magnetism.


— Rae Armantrout, from Homer
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"Don’t fan the flames of despair. Ignite the spark of hope instead."

— Doe Zantamata (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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"I reluctantly let the word
‘love’ into my mouth so I
have something to choke
on when you leave."

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"My sister told me a soul mate is not the person who makes you the happiest but the one who makes you feel the most, who conducts your heart to bang the loudest, who can drag you giggling with forgiveness from the cellar they locked you in. It has always been you."

— Sierra Demulder, Love, Forgive Me  (via childoflust)

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"I don’t want realism. I want magic. Yes, yes, magic! I try to give that to people. I misrepresent things to them. I don’t tell truth, I tell what ought to be truth. And if that is sinful, then let me be damned for it!"

— Tennessee Williams from A Streetcar Named Desire (via violentwavesofemotion)